The prevalent notion that weed is a relatively harmless substance has paved the way for its legalization in many parts of the world. According to the poll results released by Gallup, around 64% of the US citizens believe that marijuana should be legalized in the entire country and not only in selected states. Canada, however, took the lead over the US and moved ahead with its plan to legalize marijuana federally. In July this year, people can purchase marijuana in our neighboring country. The driving force behind the increasing acceptance of marijuana is the fact that it is viewed by a majority as a lesser evil when compared with tobacco, alcohol, and other addictive drugs. But the question here is, to what extent it is true? Does marijuana not affect our bodies and brains? What are the things we should know about marijuana before considering it as a lesser evil? In this article, we will tell you how marijuana affects the user’s body and brain along with 20 lesser known facts about it. After all, the devil is in the detail.

The most pressing issue surrounding marijuana is the lack of scientific information about its use and effects. Hence, one can say that the arguments of marijuana advocates are as valid as the arguments of its opponents. Some say marijuana is harmless supported by relevant evidences, others suggest that it gradually affects the user’s body and mind. How marijuana affects the user’s health is a question, one must seek answer to before starting to use it.



Everyone needs sleep, in fact we love it. And certainly, we don’t need any research to prove it. Sleeping is the mode we put our bodies into to recharge and reenergize. Our bodies are similar to rechargeable electronic devices, we run out of charging and need to sleep. However, the worrisome association between weed and sleep trouble us.

First of all, the type of weed you are consuming needs to be determined. For instance, if you are using the relaxing type i.e. “indica,” then certainly it will help you sleep, at least in theory. However, if you are using the emerging type i.e. “sativa” then the effects may not be similar and you may struggle to sleep properly.

Researches have demonstrated that users of weed type indica will increase the length of your stage 3 sleep (i.e. a sleep stage where your brain prepares to move towards deep sleep). But this comes at the cost of deep sleep i.e. stage 4 sleep or REM sleep. In order to wake up fresh and rejuvenated, a person needs to get all stages of sleep in the right amounts.


There is a research conducted by a group of researchers at Tel Aviv University, which revealed that consuming weed at certain amount may aid in healing broken bones. The researchers gave cannabinoid cannabidiol to mice and discovered that it helped mice recover rapidly. Let’s not get carried away with the fact that tests were done on animals and they were put in harm’s way and appreciate the findings of the study. It is believed that weed actually helps minerals get to the bones easily and speed up the healing process. It also makes your bones stronger, so consuming weed is not really bad, is it?


Weed’s chemical composition is such that it increases the sensitivity to light of certain retinal cells, and enhances the speed at which your eyes respond to dim stimulus. Since weed is commonly consumed in Jamaica, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to you that researchers at University of Montreal discovered that Jamaican fishermen have remarkable night vision. Thus, if you are a night owl, then certainly weed will help you see clearly.


We hate to be the bearer of a bad news, but it is also true that weed negatively affects your eyesight. Having read the positive effect on night vision may have cheered you up, but now it is important that you know about its dark side. Retinal ganglion cells get affected when you consume weed, and these cells are primarily responsible for transmitting electrical pulses from your eyes to the brain. We are not making it up, it was actually the findings of another study published in JAMA Ophthalmology, a research journal.

It has been revealed to the researchers that weed actually delay the transmission of the electrical pulses to the brain, which according to the theory, will negatively affect the eyesight of weed users.


Generally, people consume weed or other addictive drugs to put their heart at ease, well here’s a news for you. Consuming weed, according to a study published by the American College of Cardiology, can permanently put your heart at ease. If you are tired of your heart pumping blood 24/7, weed can help it rest in peace. We must add here that a lot of weed advocates believe that only excessive consumption of weed can produce such negative effects. However, researchers believe that long-term use of weed increases the risk of contracting heart diseases and may lead to death.


If you are a joint roller or know people who can roll a perfect joint, then this fact will not surprise you at all. Yes! Consumption of weed affects the user’s memory adversely. But you may not be aware of the underlying reasons. Northwestern University’s researchers attempted to disclose the reasons and found that weed users develop abnormalities in their brain in areas which are responsible for short-term memory. Thus, if you are a weed user, don’t depend on your memory too much. As if this was not enough, researchers also revealed that the shape of brains of weed users appear somewhat similar to a schizophrenic brand.


Not only weed’s relation with sleep is worrisome, it shares a very negative relation with schizophrenia. This disturbing fact was revealed in a study conducted by a team of Dutch researchers, who asked psychiatric patients and healthy individuals who consume weed to describe their feelings for six days – 12 times a day. The results were shocking. Researchers found that people suffering from schizophrenia were highly sensitive to the advantages and disadvantages of weed.


Unlike the popular belief that consuming weed can enhance your creativity – as most artists and creative individuals consume weed – it actually makes your creativity numb. People may argue that there hardly exists any creative individual on the face of earth who hasn’t tried weed. However, in the eyes of science this correlation has no basis. A study recruited a group of weed and non-weed users and asked them to come with various solutions of a problem, and it concluded that those who don’t consume weed are better at problem solving than those who consume it. Hence, if you can’t think like a normal person, you can’t really bring creativity in your work. Can you?


What’s with smoking something and cancer? Well, as much as you hate it, a research published in Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers, and Prevention, it has been revealed that long-term weed users are more likely to develop oral cancer than normal person. And the correlation between smoking weed (or almost anything else) and cancer is as identified by the researchers that high temperatures are likely to trigger cellular changes as they irritate oral tissues. Thus, chances of getting oral cancer.


To all the guys smoking weed, this is a bad news. Sound the alarm! Because of weed’s inhibitory effect on specific receptors inside the erectile tissue of your penis. There are studies which suggest that erectile dysfunction is three times more common among weed users than non-users.


It’s not like we only give you bad news associated with weed. The entire point of writing this article is to make the readers aware about every possible health benefit and disadvantage associated with weed. The good news is, after smoking weed you will not face performance anxiety, and thus strong erection. Certainly, you need the right type of weed.

Consuming weed will make you stress free and less anxious and reduced anxiety means better erection. How weed affects you depends on the weed type you use. Always know which type works for you and which does not.


If you smoke weed, the odds of getting testicular cancer may not stay in your favor much long. A group of researchers at University of Southern California uncovered that smoking weed is likely to increase the risk of getting testicular cancer.


Even if you smoke a couple of joints per week, your sperm count will be reduced. This fact has been revealed in a study conducted Danish researchers. Lower sperm count does not necessarily means infertility, but this is something you need to consider very seriously if you are planning to have children in future.


While for guys, weed is more of a bad news than a good one, but for gals out there, weed is certainly a good news. Weed consumption can enhance sexual desires among women and increase physiological response to sexual stimulus. However, the researchers applied a topical oil with cannabis in it to the research participants, who were later shown erotic movies. The researchers documented boost in female libido.


Dry mouth is a very common side effect of consuming weed, regardless of the form in which it was ingested. Weed affect the nervous system in such a manner that cause dry mouth.

Dry mouth means less saliva, which means food and bacteria remain between gums and teeth, hence bad breath and tooth decay. However, this is a treatable condition, but any user suffering from it should respond promptly.


If you are expecting a baby, then you may have to quit smoking until the baby arrives. Consuming weed with a baby in the womb can affect the baby’s brain development, cognitive abilities, and birth weight. So better not let the unborn suffer for your pleasure.


People who consume weed are at a higher risk of developing various cognitive disorders, Alzheimer’s in particular due to low blood flow to the brain specifically to hippocampus. It has been found in a study published in Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease that weed affects the lower the blood flow to the brain of the user and increases the risk of getting Alzheimer’s. So now you know how long-term use can affect your brain, and the only thing we suggest you is to limit your intake or keep it under control.


Yes! Hypertension is another feather in weed users’ hat. Hypertension is something that can alter your lifestyle, and if you are a weed user then your chances of getting hypertension are much higher. This has been revealed in a research conducted by a group of researchers at Georgia State University. The researchers found that weed users are three times more at risk of dying from hypertension than non-users.


Those who are in favor of legalizing marijuana in the United States generally compare the side effects of weed with the side effects of alcohol and other similar drugs which are legal in the country. Since weed is likely to stop the development of cirrhosis among its users, thus, its comparison with booze gets much stronger.

It has been suggested by many researchers that cannabidiol or CBD found in weed slows the progression of cirrhosis, although it does not reverse the condition. This can be counted among the positive effects of weed on our body.


It is a fact that many renowned artists who used to consume tons of weed didn’t die young, but the researchers at Duke University and University of California Davis believe that this correlation is baseless. Studies suggest that weed users are four times more likely to die young, because it affects the users’ lifestyle adversely. And a poor, unhygienic lifestyle means that you won’t care much about your health, hence dying young seems the only logical option.


Having acquired knowledge about the positive and negative effects of weed on your body and brain, there is still much to learn about it. Before you go on Weed Need app to get marijuana for any purpose to find marijuana dispensaries closer to you, let us state a few lesser known facts about weed, because the more you know about it the better.


    • Before people started giving nicknames like Pot, Weed, Mary Jane, it was known all around the world by its scientific name i.e. cannabis.
    • A long, long time ago people of the United States started using the term marijuana. The term was primarily used by advocates of anti-cannabis and anti-immigrant who attempted to link the recreational use of cannabis with the Mexican migrant workers.
    • All the opponents of this migrant plant, and migrant workers in the US borrowed the term marihuana, which became popular in Mexico.
    • The term marijuana and all other spelling variations may not really have Latin American background. There are some researchers who believe that the term actually has Chinese origin, and it refers to different parts of the plant in the Chinese language.
    • What’s in the name? But apparently to learn about something you need to have complete details about every aspect. So there exists a group of etymologists who say that the word may have Arabic origin, which arrived in Mexico through Moorish Spain.
    • Although researchers agree that the history of cannabis is not understood properly, but it is theorized that the plant actually belongs to Asia. Name is a completely different matter altogether.
    • It is one of the earliest crops of the world, because it has been cultivated by people for 6000 years or more.
    • Some say the mention of weed in the world’s oldest pharmacopoeia makes its existence official from 2700 B.C. Moreover, the evidence of weed’s cultivation also comes from East Asia where it was initially in use for medicinal and recreational purposes.
    • In ancient text, marijuana or weed has been documented as an herb that can be proven very effective in treating wide range of conditions including malaria and constipation. The hallucinogenic qualities of the herb was also noted.
    • In India weed is considered one of the sacred plants, whereas many other cultures also identified the medicinal and psychotropic effects of weed.
    • There exists evidence of weed in ancient text of Judaism and Talmud, whereas use of its oil is found in various Egyptian tombs.
    • It has been documented by Greek historian Herodotus that the nomadic Scythians used weed in funeral rites in 450 B.C. The nomadic Scythians are also believed to be responsible for introducing weed in Europe.
    • There are many types of weed, so which type historians documented is a subject that needed discussion. However, indica and sativa are the two types that historians believe have been mentioned in the ancient texts.
    • There exists a confusion about weed strains’ that belong to species. It is generally believed by people – who we can describe as weed enthusiasts – that sativa is an energizing type and works as a stimulus due to the presence of delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).
    • The weed enthusiasts also claim that weed type indica is more sedative in nature, however, this popular notion is considered misguided by researchers as both type of weeds have similar chemical composition.
    • Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, CBD is considered very effective for medicinal purposes. It has been claimed by the researchers that weed is loaded with CBD that is best for therapeutic purposes.
    • Irrespective of strain, researchers believe that both male and female plants produce cannabinoids in equal proportions. This finding rejects the previously held belief that female plant produce more cannabinoids than male plants.
    • The widely-held belief that consuming marijuana increases food cravings, however, researchers found this belief to be baseless, as in the longer run it may cause you to eat less.
    • There is no agreement among researchers about the division of weed into different species and subspecies.
    • There are researchers who believe that some type of cannabis offer little to no recreational and medical benefits. However, the positive and negative effects of weed on health mentioned above tells you everything. If you wish to smoke weed, then always consider each and every angle.

You can always go to Weed Need App to get marijuana for recreational and medical purposes. But before you begin using it, it’s always better to know about its story and how it affects your brain and body.

If you think this article has helped you in anyway, do share it and spread knowledge. If you need any particular information about weed or want us to write on something else, feel free to write to us.

Your Guide to Marijuana Accessories

There’s never been a better time to try marijuana and decide if it’s right for your lifestyle. Whether you are looking to pot as a way to deal with a medical problem or you just want to use it recreationally to relax, it’s never been easier to find marijuana dispensaries and make your first purchase.

But there’s more to it than that.

Purchasing weed is just one thing that you can do at cannabis dispensaries. In fact, when you go into a weed shop for the first time you’ll probably be overwhelmed by the sheer number of items available for purchase. It can be intimidating and you might even start to regret coming into the store.

Relax. Everything is going to be fine.

All you need to do is a little bit of research ahead of time and you’ll have a great shopping experience. Fortunately, we’re here to help you. We’re experts in all things pot. The Weed Need app can help you find more things that just marijuana – we can also help you find places to buy all of the gear and accessories you need to get started with weed.

Read on and you’ll learn more about all of the different things that you can buy at a cannabis dispensary. We’ll tell you what you really need and how to shop like an expert to make sure you’re getting the highest quality equipment possible.


What are they?

The most common way to ingest marijuana is by smoking it, and one of the best ways to do this is by using a bong. Broadly put, a bong is any device that uses liquid such as water as a filtration device – essentially, it’s a very large water pipe. People smoke from bongs because it can filter out some of the toxicants inhaled while smoking and because it can lead to a smoother and cooler hit.

How do I choose?

When it comes to bongs, beginners will want to look at one of two styles: straight tubes and beaker bongs. They look like their names suggests: beaker bongs resemble the beakers you might find in a high school science class while straight tubes are just that – straight tubes. While both will help you to get high, there are some subtle differences between the two.

Stability: Because of their wider base, beaker bongs are more stable. This means that they are less liable to spill if you knock into it on accident. This can save you from spilling your weed along with breaking your bong.

Percolation: Beaker bongs can hold more water and are better for percolation. This means that the bowl is able to be filled with more smoke before you take a hit, greatly increasing the effectiveness of each one. However, this can be an issue if you are a beginner or someone who would prefer a smoother buzz.

Clearing: “Clearing the bong” means smoking all of the weed, leaving no residue and making it ready to be reloaded with more pot. It is more difficult to clear a beaker bong than it is a straight tube because of their design.

Ease of Smoking: You’ll need to work harder to get a puff from a beaker bong than you will a straight tube. That’s because with a straight tube, the air – and the smoke – can travel straight up from the bowl to your lungs with minimal interruption. This makes it the most efficient type of bong, especially if you don’t want to inhale hard in order to take a hit.


What are they?

The chances are good that you’ve seen many people using an e-cigarette over the past few years. If so, then you’ve seen the same principle as a marijuana vape pen in action. The idea behind both is similar – the weed or tobacco is heated up without burning, which releases the chemicals that smokers want without the actual smoke.

So why is this so important?

While studies on marijuana vape pens are limited, the ones that have taken place suggest that using a vape pen may be safer than smoking a joint or from a bong. This is because the chemical act of burning the cannabis creates more carcinogenic chemicals than when it is heated in a vape. This can be especially important for people using pot for medical reasons and whose lungs might become irritated by smoke.

How do I choose?

One of the main considerations when purchasing a vape pen is what type of cannabis it uses. You can buy a pen that either allows you to smoke loose leaf marijuana, or one that requires you to use concentrated cannabis. You’ll want to know the advantages and issues with each type before you make a purchase:

Loose-Leaf: Because there is less plastic involved, a loose-leaf vape pen is often the choice for people who want to be environmentally conscious. One downside to a loose leaf vape pen is that they are often considered to be not as portable as vaporizers that use concentrates. This is because the pen needs to be refilled and require heating time before each use.

Concentrates: Concentrates usually come in some sort of a reloadable cartridge that can be screwed into a vaporizer. Because of it, a concentrate vape pen is often thought of as being more convenient. In addition, it produces less smell and are more portable than loose-leaf vapes.

Ultimately, the Weed Need app thinks that you should try both before making a choice. Ask friends if you can borrow their vape pen and see which kind you prefer.


What is it?

There’s no way to ingest pot that is more iconic than a joint. There’s good reason for this – it’s a portable and easy way for anyone to enjoy their favorite marijuana. Once you learn how to roll a joint, you can go from having paper and weed to enjoying a puff in a matter of seconds. And best of all – there’s nothing to clean up after you are done.

Beyond the actual pot, what you’ll need to roll a joint is the rolling paper. This is what holds all of the weed in place and burns easily when you light it. You might think that all rolling papers are the same. This is not true – read on to find out more about why you want to choose your rolling paper carefully. The good news is that any place in our legal weed shop directory will have the best rolling paper available.

How do I choose?

There are several considerations when selecting your rolling paper. One of the most important ones is width. This is more important than the length of the rolling paper, as it determines how much actually cannabis you’ll be getting with each puff.

The most common width of rolling paper is the single. When rolled with pot, this produces a joint that is similar in size and look to a cigarette filled with tobacco. For most people who just want to smoke a regular joint, this is the size that will work for them.

However, if you are interested in a heavier and thicker joint, you have additional options. Rolling paper widths go up to a double, which is just what it says – double the width of a single piece of rolling paper. However, you only want to consider a double joint if you are packing an extra-large joint. Putting a standard amount of grass into a double rolling paper means that you are getting more of the burning paper and less of the weed with each inhale.

Along with width, you’ll also want to consider what the rolling paper is made from. Most people consider rolling papers made from hemp or another all-natural material to be superior to papers filled with chemicals. Not only are they considered to be smoother while smoking, but they are the choice for people who are particular about being organic or keeping unwanted chemicals out of their bodies. You should find marijuana dispensaries that specialize in organic options if this is important for you.

The last thing to consider is the thickness of the rolling paper. Contrary to what you might think, a thinner rolling paper is actually the right choice if you want your joint to burn longer. This is because thinner paper passes more air through the joint, causing it to burn slower. Asking budtenders at cannabis dispensaries for advice can help you get the right thickness.

A thicker paper is in fact often called a “free burning” paper because it will stay lit even if you aren’t puffing and typically burns out quicker. Ultimately, it’s your choice – you need to decide what type of smoking experience you want and choose a paper that will give this to you.


What are they?

If you are going to be inhaling pot using a vape pen, then you strongly need to consider owning a weed grinder. This is a small device that will literally grind your herb up into a grain – whether you want to roll your joint or use your pot in a vaporizer. In the case of a vape, grinding your bud into finer grains will make the experience last longer.

Before grinders were commonly available, pot smokers either had to use scissors or their hands to grind up their weed. Not only was this very inefficient but it left their hands smelling like pot. With a grinder, all of these issues are eliminated.

How do I choose?

When it comes to weed grinders, you’ll be faced with a lot of choices. Here are just a few of the things to consider when making a purchase from a dispensary you find in the Weed Need app:

Number of compartments: You’ll typically find grinders that have anywhere from one to three compartments. Generally speaking, the more compartments that a grinder has means the higher quality. Why is this? With a one-compartment grinder, all of the weed is ground and retrieved in the same place. This can lead to very inconsistent sizes of the ground herb, along with making it difficult to extract the weed because of the grinder’s teeth.

When you have a two-compartment grinder, there are typically small holes that allow only finely ground weed to pass through to the collection compartment. This means that you don’t have to worry about larger chunks of weed getting mixed in with the more finely ground elements.

With a three-compartment grinder, a fine screen separates the last compartment. This allows you to collect pollen or kief – perfect as a topping for your edibles or even to make butter!


It goes without saying that you want a non-toxic material for your grinder – after all, you’ll be using it to grind something that will eventually go into your system. Even with that caveat, you’ll have a lot of different materials to choose from when making your first purchase:

  • Wood: This is a classic look for a grinder and you know that’s an all-organic material. The downside is that because wood grinders are typically carved, they are almost always one compartment. If you buy a wooden grinder, make sure the teeth do not have any paint or varnish, as any finishing can come off and eventually get into your weed.’
  • Metal: These grinders are usually made of aluminum or titanium, although most “titanium” grinders are actually the much-cheaper aluminum with a coating of titanium. However, they are very safe – the high melting point of both metals mean that you are in no danger if any flakes off into your container. Metal grinders are strong and can last a lifetime if you take care of them.
  • Acrylic: Despite what many people think, acrylic grinders can be durable. However, as a general rule, they are less durable than a nice metal grinder. This means that if you are concerned about how long your grinder will last, or if you are planning on using your grinder on a regular basis, then you might want to reconsider purchasing an acrylic grinder (even if they are the cheapest option).

Teeth: Much like with the compartments, the general rule of thumb is that more is better. You want to purchase a grinder with as many teeth as possible. The reason is simple: more teeth mean that the herb will be more finely ground. You’ll also want to consider the shape of the teeth many people think that a grinder with diamond-shaped teeth does the best job of grinding.

The material of the teeth is also important when considering a grinder. This is especially true if you are purchasing a wooden grinder. Wooden teeth are typically not as good at grinding as metal. Then again, you might even find wooden grinders that use regular nails as teeth – you’ll probably want to avoid these.

Magnets: How do they work? By using a strong magnet on your lid, you can keep it attached to the second piece of your grinder. This is a great safety device, making it much harder for the lid to come off and for your weed to spill just because you do something klutzy. Ask if you can test out a lid if you are purchasing from a store you found in our legal weed shop directory– you can tell which ones will be the sturdiest.


What are they?

No one wants to make a mess when rolling a joint. That’s where a rolling tray comes in. It’s a tool that is perfect for people looking for a more convenient way to create the perfect blunt. Yes, it’s a flat tray, but the best rolling trays are a lot more than that.

High-quality rolling trays often have multiple compartments or sections. These can be useful as places to store your rolling papers, lighters, grinders and more. Most importantly, you’ll be able to get an excellent joint rolled much easier. The shape of a rolling tray helps to ensure that the weed migrates to the middle of the joint, making it easier to move your weed around when trying to roll the perfect spliff.

In addition, a rolling tray can also save you money in the long run. How? By keeping you from losing weed by spilling it on the ground when you are trying to roll a joint. Instead of coming up with hacked together solutions to save your spilled weed – such as vacuuming it up with a panty hose over the nozzle – you can just avoid the hassle by not spilling your weed in the first place.

How do I choose?

The first thing to consider when purchasing a rolling tray is size. Much like Goldilocks, you’ll want one that’s just right for you. You’ll need one large enough to handle your stash, but you don’t want something that feels bulky and cumbersome – especially if you are going to be taking your rolling tray with you when you travel.

You’ll also want to see what types of compartments are available with your rolling tray. You might find one that has slots for holding your rolling papers or holes so you can stand your finished blunts straight up. Another high-end feature is magnetized wooden scrapers to clean up any loose weed after you are finished with your joint construction.

The final thing to think about is aesthetics. Your rolling tray is a chance to showcase your own personal style every time you get ready to light up. You might prefer the elegant look of wood or something more fun and funky. The choice is really up to you when it comes to what you want your rolling tray to say about you.


There are many different reasons why you might want to purchase a weed scale. Perhaps you have decided to grow marijuana and you want an accurate assessment of just how much you’ve grown. Or it may be that you want to play it safe when going out and make sure that the amount you are carrying is under the legal limit for possession in your area. It could even be that you want to make sure you got the right amount from the cannabis dispensaries you’ve visited.

No matter what your reason, you’ll want to make sure that you’re getting an accurate scale – preferably one that’s accurate to a tenth of an ounce. This is important if you are planning on baking your own edibles – being off by a few grams might change the taste or potency of what you are making. And it might go without saying that a digital scale is almost always going to be more accurate than a mechanical scale.

You’ll also want to consider how much weed you’ll be weighing – a scale with a capacity of 200 grams is probably enough if you are just weighing for personal use, while home growers might want something larger. Another consideration is how the scale is powered. A battery-powered unit is more convenient if you are going to be taking your scale with you. However, it also is going to more expensive to continually replace batteries than if you are using a plug-in unit.

We’ve really only scratched the surface when it comes to all of the different types of accessories that you can purchase at cannabis dispensaries. There are all sorts of items that are available for purchase that will make your weed lifestyle easier and more enjoyable. All you need to do is look around and see all of the options available.

The number one thing to keep in mind is that you don’t need to buy everything at once. Think about how you are planning on ingesting pot and then make a purchase accordingly. For example, if you want something portable and clean, you might want to consider vaping. In that case, you’ll want to find marijuana dispensaries that have a large selection of vape pens, cartridges and grinders.

Along with this guide from the Weed Need app, you should also ask friends who use pot for their advice – there’s nothing like hearing it from someone you trust in order to get a strong opinion on a pot item. And make sure you read the reviews from our legal weed shop directory. They will give you an idea on how friendly your budtender will be and how much you can trust their advice on which accessories you need to have.